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Inverkeithing Competitive Amateur Swimmers

Frequently asked questions :

1) What is a swim meet or swim gala ?

tThis is a swim get together where the swimmers compete in certain disciolines and within their age groups. There are short and long distance meets; the short discance meet ttend to focus on 50 meter and 100 meter swims such as butterfly, front crwl, back stroke and breast stroke. A swim meet is generally split up in a morning session and afternoon session and sometimes spread over a Saturday and a Sunday. The events are numbered 1 for a saurday morning, 2 for the afternoon, 3 for he sunday morning and 4 for the sunday afternoon.

2) What to bring for a swim meet or gala ?

For swimmers it is important to bring a few energy snacks for pool side as well as  a packed lunch  and it is paramount that you bring a full water bottle. 

For spectators we recommend that you dress lightly as it is always very warm in the swimming pool spectator area. 

3) What do I need to have in my training kit bag ?

- For the younger swimmers : Pool bouy,  kick board, Fins and hand paddles

- For the development and performance swimmers : Pool bouy, Kickboard, Fins, hand paddles and parachute.

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