Training and Equipment


Please note that boys must wear swimming trunks or jammers not long baggy shorts as these can hinder progress and make swimming harder due to the excess material around the legs.  Girls must wear a one-piece swimsuit.


As swimmers progress through the squads, they will require various items of equipment, some of which can be purchased second-hand from our fundraising team.  Having the right equipment will help them train more effectively and improve competitive performance.

The following list of basic equipment is used across InCAS squads;  

-swimming costume


-swimming cap,


-short fins.

-Hand paddles

-Pull buoys

-Water bottle 

The squad coaches will be able to advise what equipment is used in each squad.


You will also need a reusable water bottle to help stay hydrated during training.  Please note that fizzy drinks are strictly prohibited as are any other drinks containers including plastic bottles with removable caps and glass!


Should a swimmer require any medication (e.g. inhaler), either routinely or in case of an emergency, please make sure this is brought to every training session and that the coach has been made aware of any medical conditions.


There are various types of more advanced equipment which may be used as swimmers move through the squads. Advanced training equipment :

  • pull buoys,
  • hand paddles,
  • ankle bands,
  • parachutes
  • snorkels.  These will be brought to your attention at the relevant time, but feel free to ask your coach if you are unsure about whether you need a certain piece of equipment.


Where possible, equipment and personal belongings should be labelled.


As mentioned earlier, some second-hand equipment and swimwear are available for sale with all funds raised going to the club.  InCAS also operate a swim shop where you can order branded items like caps, hoodies and T-shirts.

Please note that electronic equipment (mobile phones, tablets etc.) are strictly prohibited for poolside. Where possible these should be left in a secure locker if required, or with a trusted spectator.