Squad Info


Our squad structure within the club has been set up to ensure each individual swimmer has the opportunity to progress through the squads and promotion is gained at the discretion of the coaching staff when they feel the swimmer has shown enough skill, commitment and dedication.  When swimmers achieve promotion, they receive a promotion letter and certificate.


Improver and Bronze squads aim to offer a smooth transition from lessons or other backgrounds and an introduction to competitive swimming.  The programmes are set around improving swimming technique in all four swimming strokes and introducing starts and turns with an emphasis on fun.  Swimmers may be invited to novice leagues or introductory galas and they will also be encouraged to participate in our own club time trials, which allow swimmers to gauge their progress.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible. 


Silver and Gold squads have increased pool time and continue to work on perfecting their stroke techniques, turns and dives while also increasing stamina.  There will be more competitive swimming opportunities at this stage and coaching staff will be looking for commitment to training to ensure progression.


Junior and Development squads start to incorporate land-based training into their schedule as well as increasing pool time.  There will be more opportunity to compete at this stage, including progressing from the Novice Leagues into the Fife Leagues.  In these squads, attendance and commitment are very important to ensure aerobic fitness is maintained.


Performance squad is for those swimmers aiming to compete in higher level competitions, for example, East Districts, Scottish National Age Groups (SNAGS), National and British level competitions.  These swimmers are aiming for inclusion in Scottish swimming camps and pathways.  Attendance, positive attitude and commitment are essential.


Masters and Social squads train part time alongside the Performance squad to maintain their fitness level and continue to improve their swimming skills without the high attendance requirements and less opportunity for competing.