Swimmers Notes


Before the Gala

Check the time, date, location and what swims you have. - Plan your travel to arrive in good time.


Items to Take:


- Costume

- Cap

- Goggles (including a spare set if you have them)

- Towels x 2

- Pool shoes, (flip flops/Crocs)

- T-Shirt (preferably club t-shirt)

- Bottle of water

- Snack or packed lunch depending on length of meet and preference

- Entertainment for between race (no mobile phones, tablets or other electronics).


On Arrival


- Get changed and either take your belongings poolside with you or put them in a secure locker.

- Report to your Coach/Team Manager as soon as you are poolside.

- Check team sheet for events you will be competing in

- Take part in warm up

- Never leave poolside without informing the Coach/Team Manager.

- Do not litter

- Remember you are representing your club.

** Please note that electronic equipment (mobile phones, tablets etc.) are strictly prohibited for poolside. Where possible these should be left in a secure locker if required, or with a trusted spectator. **


During the Gala


- Respect other swimmers

- You must be quiet when races are starting so that other swimmers can hear the start signal. - At the start of races people around the pool should be still so they don’t distract swimmers. - Do not walk in front of judges and referees during a race as you may block their view of the swimmers and adversely affect their ability to observe the race.

- Make your way to marshalling in good time following instruction by your coach.

- Obey instructions from referee and judges promptly.

- When you get to the starting blocks, check in with your timekeepers so they can verify you are in the right lane.

- Some galas have swimmers of varying ages all swimming at one time as it allows the meet to run more efficiently.  Don’t let this discourage you as your time will only be compared to others within your age group. - Result sheets should be displayed poolside and also in the viewing gallery.


After Gala


- Clear away all rubbish and collect your belongings.

- Ensure your coach has said you can go and your parent/guardian is there for you.

- Get changed and ensure you have everything with you.