Inverkeithing Competitive Amateur Swimmers

InCAS is a non-profit making club.  All payments need to be made directly into the bank account and referenced as to what the payment is for. 

If you are interested in joining InCAS then  please contact  the membership secretary at or the club secretary at to arrange a FREE TRIAL


Payment of Fees:


- MEMBERSHIP FEE – An annual fee which is due in April.  The actual amount varies depending on your squad and a breakdown is provided on the enclosed timetable.

- SQUAD FEE – A monthly fee which pays for the swimming activity of the club, including pool hire.  Again, the fee amount varies depending on which squad the swimmer is in.  These must be paid on the first of every month.  (Although this fee is paid monthly, it is an annual fee that is split into twelve equal payments).  Failure to pay may result in a member being prevented from swimming in club sessions.  You will be notified when your child changes squad and ask that you promptly alter your payments accordingly.

- SASA REGISTRATION FEE – All swimmers need to be registered with the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association for insurance purposes and for entering competitions.  This is an annual fee which is due in February.  This money is not kept by the club, but goes straight to Scottish Swimming.

All payments excluding monthly membership fees require an email to the Treasurer at


Prompt payment of fees is necessary for the smooth running of the club.